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Pop Up Wedding Victoria — What is a Pop Up Wedding?

Are you trying to plan your dream wedding, but finding the process to be completely stressful and overwhelming? We get it. With the influence of Instagram, Pinterest and over the top celebrity weddings, the pressure to have this "picture perfect" wedding can seem beyond your means and, once you begin the process, you can't believe how much time and energy is involved.

A Pop Up Wedding eliminates the stress and removes the burden of managing all of the details involved, so all you have to do is how up and say, "I Do!"

Our shared Pop Up Wedding model allows you to save 1/3 - 1/5 of the total cost of your wedding ceremony, because you share the costs of the venue, photographer, decor, florals and any other details with the other couples that have booked on that day. We open up 3 - 5 time slots and each couple that books that day gets their own unique, private 1-hour wedding ceremony. Within that hour, we receive your friends and family, take family photos, enjoy a 15 minute ceremony and celebrate afterwards with champagne and treats! See what is included in a share venue Pop Up Wedding.

To simplify the process even more, you only have to pay one all-inclusive cost; no keeping track of multiple deposits and communication threads with multiple vendors, we handle all this for you. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a beautiful wedding day, no matter what your financial situation, and offer personalized payment plans to suit your budget.

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Pop Up Wedding Victoria has you covered for the ceremony, but what about the reception?

We will help with that too! The best thing about getting married on Vancouver Island is the support from the community and its local vendors. There are so many amazing venues in town as well as caterers, bar tending companies, hair and make up artists, musicians, and cake decorators. We will take care of anything you need to plan a stunning wedding reception for you and your partner.

Planning your wedding should make you excited and not ask, "Why are we doing this again?" If you are feeling exhausted by the process and feel that you would be happy with a small, intimate wedding experience on Vancouver Island, give us a no obligation call, we're here to help!


The average Canadian will spend $35,000 on their wedding.


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